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                             PLAN :

10.   MAY  DAY
13.   FLAG  DAY
16.   LABOR  DAY

    The  population  of  the  USA  is  made  up of   people   of   different
nationalities.  Centuries  ago  they  brought   with   them   their   native
celebrations.  Some  holidays  which  are  marked  in  the   US   originated
in  America.  There  is  no  provision  for   national   holidays   in   the
USA.  The  number  of  holiday  is  different  in  different  states   from
  8   in    the    District    of    Columbia    to    20    in    Oklahoma.

                              NEW  YEARS  DAY

                                                                 Love    and
joi                     come                     to                     you,

                                                               And  to   you
 your  wassail,  too !

                                                                 And     God
bless  you  and  send  you

                                                                 A     happy
new  year !

    Although  in  the  United  States  the  official  holiday   is   January
the  1st,   the   celebration   really  begins   on   December   31st.   New
Years  Day  is  celebrated  with  parties  which   last   beyond   midnight
so  that  everyone  can  see  in  the   New   Year   and   watch   the   Old
Year  out.  Theatres,  night  clubs,  restaurants  are  crowded.  At   12:00
midnight  when  the  ringing  of  bells   popping   of   champagne   bottles
and  fire  crackers,  and  blowing   of   sirens   and   whistles   announce
the  start  of  New  Year.  People  throw  streamers  and  confetti,   shake
 hands,  exchange   kisses   and   embraces,   and   wish   each   other   a
Happy  New  Year !   Some   people   gather   in   the   street   of   big
cities,  they  ring  bells,  shoot  of  guns   and   firecrackers.   January
1st  is   celebrated   with   parades   in   some   cities.   One   of   the
noisiest  and  most   crowded   of   New   Years   Eve   celebration   take
place  in  New  York  City  at  Time  Square.  Thousands  of   New   Yorkers
gather  there,  and  millions  of  Americans   across   the   country   join
them  by  TV.
    Following  a  long,  chaotic  New  Years   Eve,   Americans   spend   a
quiet  New  Year   Day.   In   most   households   everyone   sleeps   late,
often  enjoys  meals   and   TV   with   the   family   and   friends.   Two
famous  New  Years  Day  festivals  are  showed   for   national   viewing:
the  Tournament  of  Roses  and  Mummers  Parade.  Both  of  these   events
 have  been  American  traditions  for  more  than  half  a  century.
    The  Mummers  Parade,  which  take   place   in   Philadelphia   is   a
ten  hour  spectacle.  It   was   introduced   in   the   US   by   Swedish
immigrants.  There  are  clowns,  musicians,  dancers  all  led   by   King
Momus  dressed  in  bright  satin.
    The  Tournament  of  Roses   take   place   in   Pasadena,   California.
Prizes  are  awarded   to   the   cities   with   the   most   unusual   and
attractive   floral   displays.   After   the   parade,   the   Rose    Bowl
football   game,   a   struggle   between   two   top  -   ranking   college
football   teams,   is   played.   Those   events   attract   thousands   of
tourists  and  millions  of  TV  viewers.
    Besides  champagne,  streamers  and  noisemakers,   other   symbols   of
the  New  Year  celebration  include  a  clock  or  hour   glass,   an   old
man  symbolizing  the  Old  year,  and  a  new  baby  symbolizing  the   New
 year.  This  may  be  an  allusion  to  the  ancient   Roman   god   Janus,
for  whom  the  month  of   January   is   named.   Legend   has   it   that
Janus  had  two  faces,  one  looking  into  the   past,   and   the   other
looking  into  the  future.  This  certainly  personifies   the   sentiments
of  many  people  who,  on  New  Years  Day  think  both  about  the   past
 year  with  its  achievements  and  shortcomings   as   well   as   looking
forward  with  hope  to  a  new  and  better  year  to  come.  Sincere   and
  practical,   many   Americans   even   write   down   their   New    year
resolutions  to  do  specific  things  like  giving   up   smoking,   going
on  a  diet,  getting  up  earlier,  spending   less   money   on   clothes,
etc.  Even  though  such  resolutions  are  rarely  kept,  at   least   they
make  for  a  good  laugh  when  the  next  New  Year  comes.

                      MARTIN  LUTHER  KINGS  BIRTHDAY

                                                                   I   have
 a  dream  that  my  four
will  one  day  live  in  a
where  they  will  not  be
                                                                judged    by
the  color  of  their  skin
                                                               but  by   the
 content  of  their

                 Martin  Luther  King
    On  January  15th,  people  in   the   United   States   celebrate   the
birthday  of  Martin  Luther  King,  Jr.  He  was  a  great   civil   rights
leader  who   fought   against   racial   discrimination.   He   said   that
people  should  be  judged  by  their  characters,   and   not   the   color
of  their  skin.  He  believed  in   integration.   He   received   national
attention  when  he  protested  the  injustice  of   segregated   buses   in
    Martin  Luther  King  is  remembered  in   church   memorial   services,
marches,   and   public   ceremonies.   People   also    listen    to    his
speeches,  watch   TV   documentaries,   and   sing   spirituals   and   the
civil  rights  anthem  We  Shall  Overcome.  In  schools,  students   read
 about  this  leader,  study  his  writings   and   celebrate   his   memory
with  special  programs.  Politicians  and   performers   also   participate
in  celebrations  to  honor  Martin  Luther  King.
    The  third  Monday  in   January   is   a   legal   holiday   to   honor
Martin  Luther  King.

                            ST  VALENTINES  DAY

                                                   Its   Valentines   Day.
And  in  the  street

                                                  Theres   freezing   rain,
and  slush,  and  sleet.
                                                   The   wind   is   fierce.
The  skies  are  gray.
                                                  I  dont  think  Ill   go
 out  today.
                                                   But   here   inside   the
weathers  warm.
                                                  There  is  no   trace   of
wind  or  storm.
                                                  And  you  just  made   the
 morning  shine.
                                                  You  said  youd   be   my
    Valentines  Day  is  celebrated  on   February   14th.   It   isnt   a
national  holiday.  Banks  and  offices  are  open  this  day,  but  it   is
  a   happy   little   festival   in   honor   of   St   Valentine,   patron
sweethearts  and  lovers.  In  this  day  school  children  typically   make
 valentines  for  their  teachers  and  classmates  and  put   them   in   a
large  decorated  mailbox.  It  is  customary  on  the   day   to   send   a
Valentine,  a  card  with  affectionate  message  to  someone  you   love,
 or  to  your  best  friends  or  a  little  present.  The  greeting   cards
 are  often  colored  red  trimmings  and  pictures  of  heart.
    Whatever  the  reasons,  Americans  of  all  ages  love  to   send   and
receive  valentines  and  to  hear  and  sing  the  thousands  of  new   and
 traditional  love  songs  which  flood  television   and   radio   programs
on  that  day.
     Among   all   the   red   hearts,   birds,   love   letters,   candies,
chocolates  and  kisses  which  comprise   symbolism   and   realia,   Cupid
or  Eros  is  the  unquestioned  favorite   in   personifying   the   spirit
of  the  day.  According  to  Greek  ( later   Roman  )   tradition.   Cupid
was  the  eternally  child  like  son  of  Venus,  the  goddess  of   love.
 Although  he  remained  a  baby,  he  could  fly  and  was  equipped   with
 a  tiny  bow  and  countless  golden  arrows  special   power,   and   that
is  why  if  Cupid  shot  you  with   his   arrow,   you   would   fall   in
love  with  the  first  person  you  met.
    So  St  Valentines  Day  is  the  day  of  love  for  many  people.

                              PRESIDENTS  DAY

    Until  1986  this  holiday   was   in   fast   two   holidays:   Abraham
Lincolns   Birthday,    celebrated    on    February    12,    and   George
Washingtons  Birthday,  celebrated  on   February   22.   Their   birthdays
are  celebrated  on  the  3rd  Monday  in  February.
    Abraham  Lincoln was  President  during  the  Civil  War  ( 1861   1865
).  He  led  the  fight  to  keep  the  nation   together   and   free   the
slaves.  His  life  ended  tragically.  He was   killed   at   the   theatre
during  the  performance  soon  after  the  victory   of   the   North.   In
honor  of  this  great man  a  beautiful  memorial   has   been   built   in
Washington,  D. C.
    George  Washington  led  the  American  Army  to  victory  in  the   War
 for  Independence.  Later  he  was  elected   President   of   the   United
States  and  was  in  office  for  8  years  (1789  1797).   The   national
capital  of  the  United   States,   a   state   and   several   towns   are
named  after  George  Washington.   In   addition   to   commemorating   the
birth   of   the   USs   first   President,   its   a   great   day    for
shoppers.  The  department  stores  of   Washington,   D.  C.,   started   a
national  tradition  of  sales  marked   by   unusual   bargains.   The   US
Congress  observes  the  birthday  of  G. Washington   with   speeches   and
reading  from  his  works.

                              ST  PATRICS  DAY

                                                                  Its     a
great  day  for  the  Shamrock,
                                                                 For     the
flags  in  full array,
feeling  so  inspirish,
because  for  all  the  Irish
                                                                  Its     a
great,  great  day!
    On  March  17th,  Americans  celebrate  an  Irish   religious   holiday,
St  Patricks  Day.  It  is  a  day  to  remember  the   Irish   people   in
the  United  States  and  Ireland.  Ireland  is  a  country   with   a   lot
of  green  grass   and   shamrocks.   Shamrock   are   small   plants   with
three  leaves.  There  is  a  lot  of  green  in  Ireland,   so   green   is
Irelands  national  color.
    People  often  wear  green  clothes   on   St   Patricks   Day.   There
are  parades  in  many  cities  with  large  Irish   population,   but   the
largest  parade  is  in  New  York.  Many  people  go   to   parties.   They
sing,  dance,  and  eat  Irish  food.  Some  drink  green  beer.
    St  Patrick  was  a  priest  in  Ireland  many  years  ago.  He   taught
 the  Irish  people  about  God.  St  Patrick  died   on   March   17th   in
the  year  461.
    Beginning  in  1845,   many   Irish   people   moved   to   the   United
States.  They  came  because  there   wasnt   enough   food   to   eat   in
Ireland.  St  Patricks  Day  celebrations   helped   the   Irish   remember
their  country,  their  music  and  their  families.  Many  Americans   say,
 Everyone  is  Irish  on  St  Patricks  Day.

                             APRIL  FOOLS  DAY

                                                             The  first  of
 April,  some  do  say,
                                                             It  set  apart
 for  All  Fools  Day.
                                                             But  why  the
people  call  it  so,
                                                             Nor  I,  nor
they  themselves  do  know.
                                                             But  on  this
day  are  people  sent
                                                             On  purpose
for  pure  merriment.
      April  Fools  Day  is  celebrated  on  April  1st.  It is   the   day
for  harmless  tricks  and  good  laughs.  The  origin   of   April   Fools
Day  or  All  Fools  Day  goes  back  to  the   dilemma   faced   by   many
Europeans  in  1562  when  Pope   Gregory   introduced   a   new   calendar,
one  which  shifted  the  start  of  new   year   from   its   traditionally
warm  nesting  place  of  April  1st  to  the  cold  and  dreary   date   of
January  1st.
    Today  in  the   United   States   both   children   and   adults   play
small tricks  on  each  others.  If  the  trickster  is  still   around   he
or  she  may  take  credit  for  his  deed  by  shouting   April   Fool  !
but  probably  not  before  youve  spoiled  your  cup  of  morning   coffee
 or  tea.  If  you  are  innocent  victim  of  such  mischief,  your   first
 reaction  may  be  to  wring  the  scoundrels  neck.
    American  author  and  satirist  Mark  Twain  summed   up   the   nature
of  the  holiday  thus:  The  first  of  April  is  the  day  we   remember
 what  we  are  the  other  364  days  of  the  year.

                                 EARTH  DAY
                                                                The    earth
is  a   garden.
                                                                  Its     a
beautiful  place.
                                                                 For     all
living  creatures,
                                                                 For     all
the  human  race
    April  22  is  a  special   day   around   the   world.   On   that  day
inhabitants  of  Earth  celebrate  Earth  Day.   Earth   Day   is   a   time
when  many  people  show  that   they   care   for   our   fragile   planet.
They  show  concern  about  the  threats  the  planet  faces    destruction
of  the  rain  forest,  holes   in   the   ozone   layer,   the   greenhouse
effect,  too   much   garbage,   and   all   forms   of   air   and    water
pollution.  It  is  a  day  for  people  to  learn  what  they  can  do   to
 preserve  the  planet  Earth.
    The  first  Earth  Day  was  held  in  the  U.S.  twenty  two  years
ago,  in  April  1970.  At  that  time,  Americans  were  just  beginning
to  learn  about  the  problems  facing  the  planet.

                     TAKE  YOUR  DAUGHTER  TO  WORK  DAY

    This  holiday  is  celebrated  on  April  28th.   Schools   are   closed
this  day  and  girls  go  to  work   to   their   mothers.   It   is   very
important  holiday,  because   girls   know   that   can   become   anything
they  want  when  they  grow   up.   If   the   mothers   dont   work   the
girls  stayed  at  home  and  mothers  teach  them  to  cook,  to  work   at
 home  and  to  hold  the  house.


     Easter   is   a   Christian   religious   holiday.   Ibis   memory   of
Resurrection  of  Jesus  Christ.  It  falls  on  the  first   Sunday   after
the  first  full  moon  between  March,  22,   and   April,   25.   The   40
days  before  Easter  are  called  Lent.   Just   before   Easter,   schools
and  colleges  usually  close.  The  students  have  a  week  or  ten   days
 of  spring  holidays.

    Easter  is  a  church  holiday,  and  many  churches  have  an   outdoor
  sunrise   service.   On   the   night   before   Easter,   an    imaginary
creature  known  as  the  Easter  Bunny  comes   to   visit   children   and
leaves  a  basket  filled  with  candy  in  the  shape  of   eggs,   bunnies
and  baby  chicks.  Another  tradition  is  painting  hard    boiled   eggs
different  colors  and  designs  on  them.  It  is  common  to  hide   these
 eggs,  as  well  as   candy   eggs,   for   children   to   look   for   an
Easter  Sunday  as  part  of  an  Easter  egg  hunt.

                                  MAY  DAY

                                                  Its   May!   Its    May!
The  lusty  month  of  May,
                                                 That  lovely  month  when
everyone  goes
                                                 Blissfully  astray !
    The  roots  of  the  May  Day  celebration  go  back  to  very   ancient
 time  and  are  evident  in  many  civilizations,   where   basically   the
idea  was  to  express  gratitude  to  the   gods   for   the   renewal   of
spring.  May Day  was  not  widely   celebrated   in   the   United   States
during   its   early   years,   because   the   Puritans   disapproved    of
frivolous  festivities.
    Some  American  parents   and   teachers   use   this   holiday   as   a
chance  to  encourage  their   children   and   students   to   bring   some
surprise  and  joy  into  the  life  of  the  lonely  or  aged.  They   make
 May  baskets  filled  with   flowers   and   candy   and   hang   them   on
doorknobs   throughout   their   neighborhoods,   sometimes   ringing    the
bell,  hiding,  and  watching   smiles   replace   frowns   and   unexpected
joy  light  up  the  wrinkled  faces  of  their  neighbors.

                                MOTHERS  DAY

                                                     M    is    for    the
million  things  she  gave  me.

                                                   O   means   only   that
shes  growing  old.

                                                    T  is  for  the  tears
she  shed  to  save  me.

                                                   H  is  for  her   heart
 of  purest  gold.

                                                   E  is  for  her   eyes,
 with  lovelights  shining.

                                                   R  means  right
shell  always

                                                  Put  them  all  together;
 they  spell  mother,

                                                  A  word  that  means   the
 world  to  me.

     In   the   United   States   Americans   honor   their   mothers    and
grandmothers,  on  the  second  Sunday  in  May.  This  day  is  set   aside
 to  show  love  and  respect  for  mother.   On   Mothers   Day   children
give  thanks  for  the   support,   love,   care,   and   guidance.   Giving
cards  and  gifts  is  also  tradition.   Children   often   make   Mothers
Day  gifts  in  school.  Pin  cushions,  sachets,  tie   clasps,   decorated
boxes  and  picture  frames,  recipe  holders,  and  plaster    cast   hand
prints  are  all  popular  favorites.  Another  common  gift   for   mothers
is  the  mother  ring,  a  ring  set  with   the   birthstones   of   each
of  the  members  of  the  family.
     Mothers   Day   was   first   proclaimed   a   national   holiday   by
President  Woodrow  Wilson  in  1915.  The  idea  of  honoring  mothers   on
 a   special   day   started   with   Ann   Jarvis,   from   Grafton,   West
Virginia,  who  chose   the   second   Sunday   in   May   and   began   the
custom  of  wearing  a   red   carnation   if   ones   mother   was   still
living  and  a  white  carnation  if   ones   mother   was   deceased.   If
the  latter  is  the  case,  many  people   visit   their   mothers   grave
side  and  dedicate  the  day  to  their  mothers  memory.

                                MEMORIAL  DAY
    The  last  Monday  in  May  is  Memorial  Day.  This   is   a   national
holiday  to  remember  the  dead.  The   first   Memorial   Day   was   many
years  ago  after  the  Civil  War  (1861 1865).  After  the  war,   people
 wanted  to  remember  the  dead.  So   around   1866,   people   began   to
decorate  the  graves  of  Civil  War  soldiers.  People  called  this   day
 Decoration  Day  or  Poppy  Day  (Poppies  are  small  red  flowers).
    On  the  Memorial  Day,  Americans  honour  the  servicemen   who   gave
their  lives  in  past  wars.   Schools,   clubs   and   churches   decorate
the  cemeteries.  They  put  up   the   flags   on   the   graves   of   the
army,  navy  and  airmen.  They  hold   memorial   services   in   churches,
halls,  parks  and  cemeteries.
    In  addition  to  solemn  services  Memorial   Day   is   often   marked
by   other,   more   joyful    ceremonies:    colorful    parades,    sports

                                  FLAG  DAY
                                                  Then   hurrah   for    the
flag,  our  countrys  flag,

                                                  Its  stripes   and   white
stars,  too.

                                                 There   is   no   flag   in
any  land

                                                  Like    our    own    Red,
White  and  Blue.

    On  June  14th,  1777,  the  United  States  adopted  its  first   flag.
 Today  Americans  honor  the  US  flag  each  year  on  June   14th.   Flag
Day  is  a  national  commemorative  day.  It  is   not   a   holiday   from
work.   Many    people   fly   the   flag   outside    their    homes    and
businesses  on  this  day.

    The  American  flag  has  different  names.  One  name  is   The   Red,
White,  and  Blue.  This  name   is   for   the   colors   of   the   flag.
Another  name  is  The  Stars   and  Stripes.  This  name   is   for   the
50  stars  and  13  stripes.

    The  flag  did  not  always  have  50   stars   and   13   stripes.   In
1777,  the  original  flag  had   13stars   and   13stripes   for   the   13
colonies.  The  13  colonies  became  the  first  13   states.   Then   more
states  joined  the  United  States.  In  1794,  the  flag  had   15   stars
and  15  stripes.  Then  more  states  joined.  This   created   a   problem
for  the  flag  makers.  The  flag  was  getting  too  big!  So   in   1818,
Congress  decided  to   have   only   13   stripes   on   the   flag.   They
decided  to  add  one  star  for  each  new  state.   So   now   there   are
50  stars  and  13stripes  on  the  flag.

                              INDEPENDENCE  DAY


                                                                 Land     of
hope  and  liberty,

  Freedom  rings  from  every  mountain,
                                                               From  sea
to  sea.
    July  4th  is  Independence   Day.   Another   name   for   Independence
Day  is  the  Fourth  of  July.  On  this  day  in   1776   the   final   of
the  Declaration  of  Independence,  written  by   Thomas   Jefferson,   was
    Independence  Day   is   a   national   holiday.   Government   offices,
banks,  and  schools  close.  Most  people  dont  go  to   work.   Families
and  friends  get  together  outside  for  picnics  and  cookouts.
    Traditionally  the  Fourth  of  July  is  celebrate   with   firing   of
guns   and   fireworks,   parades   open    air   meetings   and   speeches
praising  Americanism,  democracy,  free  enterprise.
    Independence   Day   isnt   only   day   for   cookouts,   noise,   and
fireworks.   It   is   also   a   day   to   think   about   freedom.    The
Declaration  of  Independence  says  everyone  has  the   right   to   life,
liberty,   and   the   pursuit   of   happiness.    The    Declaration    of
Independence  more  than  200  years  old,  but  its  ideas  are   important

                                FATHERS  DAY

to  both  of  us  is  so  new.
                                                                 As      you
learn  about  the  world
                                                                 I     learn
about  you,
                                                               Theres    no
need  to  fear.
                                                               Daddy    will
be  here,
                                                                And     Ill
love  and  care  for  you
                                                               Through   the
    People  in  the  United  States  honor  their   fathers   with   special
day:  Fathers  Day.  This  holiday  is  celebrated  on  the  third   Sunday
 in  June.
    Fathers  Day  dates  back  to  1909,  when  one  daughter,  a   certain
 Mrs.  Dodd  from   Spokane,   Washington,   wanted   to   honor   her   own
father   who   had   raised   four   sons   and   a   daughter   after   her
mothers  death.  Although  the  first  Fathers   Day   was   observed   in
Spokane  in  1910  and  it  has  been  likewise  observed  in   many   other
states  for  many  decades,  Fathers  Day  did  not   become   a   national
holiday  until  Senator  Margaret  Chase  Smith  helped  to   establish   it
as  such  in  1972.
    Giving  cards  and   gifts   is   the   tradition   of   this   holiday.
Children   make   them   in   schools.   Many   people   make   their    own
presents.  Greeting  cards,  stores,  florists,  candy   makers,   bakeries,
telephone  companies  and  other  stores  do  a  lot  of   business   during
this  day.

                                 LABOR  DAY

    Labor  Day  is  a  legal  holiday.  It  is  celebrated  each   year   on
the  first  Monday  in  September.  It  was  planned  as  a  day  to   honor
 workers  in  America  and  to  give  them  a  long  weekend  holiday   from
    Labor  Day  was  started  in  1882  by  a  union  called   the   Knights
of  Labor.  The  first  celebration  was  a  long  parade  followed   by   a
picnic  in  New  York   City.   In   1894   Congress   made   it   a   legal
    Labor  Day  is  traditionally   celebrated   with   parades,   speeches,
and  recognition  of   the   labor   unions.   Labor   Day   sales   are   a
popular  event  held  on   this   holiday.   Barbecues   and   picnics   are
popular  on  Labor  Day.  They  mark  the  end   of   the   summer   season.
Schools  usually  open  after  this  holiday.

                                COLUMBUS  DAY

    The  American  continent  was  discoved   in   1492   by   the   Spanish
seaman  Christopher  Columbus.  Columbus   is   said   to   be   the   first
Euaropen  man,  stepping  on  the  American  land,  and   that   day,   when
it  was  happend,  the  12th  of  October,   became   the   holiday,   which
is  called  Columbus  Day.  This  holiday  is  celebrated   in   34   States
of  the  USA  and  Puerto  Rico.  There   are   parades   and   parties   in
San  Francisco  and  New  York.  One  of  the  squares  of   New   York   is
called  Columbus   Circle   with   the   monument   of   Columbus   in   the
middle  of  it.


                                                    Its   Halloween!   Its
                                                     The   moon   is    full
and  bright
                                                     And   we   shall    see
what  we  cant  be  seen
                                                    On  any  other  night.
    Halloween  is  the  day  or  evening  before   All   Saints   Day.   The
name  is  a   shortened   version   of   All   Hallows   Eve   the   night
before  All  Saints  Day  which  is  celebrated  on  November  1st  by   the
 Catolic  Church.   Halloween   customs   date   back   to   a   time   when
people  believed  in  devils,  witches  and   ghost.   They   thought   that
these  evil  spirits  could  do   all   kinds   of   damage   to   property.
Some  people  tried  to   ward   off   witches   by   paintings   signs   on
their  barns.  Others  tried  to  scare  them  away  by  nailing   a   piece
of  iron,  such  as  horseshoe,  over  the  door.
    Now  most  of  people  do  not  believe  in  evil   spirits.   On   this
day  they  just  have  a  nice  holiday.  Children  dress   up   as   ghosts
and  witches  and  go  out  into  the  street  to  beg.  They   from   house
to  house  and  say:  Trick  or  treat!,  meaning   Give   me   a   treat
or  Ill  play  a  trick  on  you.  People   give   them   candy,   cookies
and  apples.  This  custom  comes  from  the  Celts   in   ancient   Britain
who   feared   the   coming   of   winter   and   dressed   in   frightening
costumes  so  the  demons  of  winter  would  think   they   were   one   of
them  and  do  them  no  harm.   Hence,   the   origin   of   costumes   for
todays  celebration:  It  represents  a   devil   coming   to   your   home
whom  you  can  placate  with  a  treat.
    A  favorite  custom  is  making   a   jack    o    lantern.   Children
scrape  out  a  pumpkin  and  cut   the   outlines   of   eyes,   nose   and
mouth  in  its  side.  They  light  a   candle   inside   the   pumpkin   to
scare  their  friends.  This  custom  refers  to  a  man  named   Jack   who
still  wanders  around  the  earth  lighting  his   way   with   a   pumpkin

                                ELECTION  DAY

    The  first   Tuesday   after   the   first   Monday   in   November   is
Election  Day.  It  is  a   legal   holiday.   Since   1845,   by   Act   of
Congress,  this  date  has  been  set  aside  for  elections.
    On  this  day   American   citizen   elect   their   public   officials,
president,  congressmen,  governors,   mayors   and   judges.   All   states
require  that  voters  be  citizens  of  the  United  States.
    Election  Day  sales  in  stories  are  very  popular  on  this   day.
 The  night  of  the  election,  people  watch  the  election   results   on
TV.  They  listen  to  the  speeches  made  by  the  winners.

                                VETERANS  DAY

    November  11th  is  a  national  holiday.  Veterans   Day   is   a   day
to  remember  and  honor   all   those   Americans   who   served   in   the
armed  forces  and  particularly  those  who  fought  during   the   Spanish
 Americans  War,  World  Wars  I  and  II,  the  Korean   War,    and   the
Vietnam   War.   People   also   remember   those   soldiers   missing    in
action.  This  day  reminds  people  of  the  courage  and   patriotism   of
all  men  and  women  who  serve  their  country.
    President  Woodrow  Wilson  proclaimed  November   11th   as   Armistice
Day  so  Americans  would  not  forget  the  tragedies  of  war.   In   1954
Congress  changed  the  name  to  Veterans   Day   to   honor   all   United
States  veterans.  It  is  also  a  day  dedicated  to  world  peace.
    On  this  day,  the  radio  and  television  broadcast   services   held
at  the  National  Cemetery  in  Arlington.   High   officials   come   from
Washington  to   attend   these   services.   They   place   a   wreath   of
flowers  at  the  tomb  of  the  Unknown  Soldier.  All  stand  in   silence
 for  a  few  minutes  at  eleven  oclock  to  honor  the  memory  of   the
 serviceman  killed  in  the  two  World  Wars.

                              THANKSGIVING  DAY

                                     When  Pilgrims  sailed  to   this   new
                                     They  met  a  friendly  Indian  band.
                                     The  Indians  taught  them  to   plant,
 hunt,  and  fish,
                                     Then  they  all  had   a   feast   with
many  a  tasty  dish.
    Thanksgiving  Day  is  marked  on  the  fourth  Thursday   of   November
in  memory   of   the   first   Thanksgiving   Day   held   by   the   early
Pilgrim  settles  in  Massachusetts  in   1621,   in   gratitude   for   the
successful   harvest.   They   experienced   difficulty   in   those   early
times  and  survived  only  with  the   help   of   American   Indians   who
taught  them  how  to  grow   and   harvest   indigenous   foods   such   as
squash  and  corn.  The  first  Thanksgiving  day  lasted  three  days   and
 was  celebrated  with  their  Indian  friends.
    Thanksgiving  was  proclaimed  a   national   day   of   observance   by
Congress  in  1941  .
    Thanksgiving  Day  is  a  four  day   holiday   for   most   Americans.
This  is  a  family  holiday.  Families  come   together   from   near   and
far.  In  some  places  special  religious  services   are   held   in   the
morning.  Then  comes  the  traditional  feast.  Turkey  with  stuffing   is
  the   main   dish.   It   is   served   with   sweet   potatoes,   squash,
cranberry  sauce,  and  pumpkin  pie.  Apple   cider   is   the   drink   of
the  day.
    Football  is  the  most  popular  game  on this   day.   Usually   there
are  several  football  games  to  watch  on  TV.  There   is   Thanksgiving
Day  Parade  in  New  York  City.
     Stores,   classrooms,   and   homes   are   decorated   with   turkeys,
pilgrims,  Indians,  wreaths  of  dried  flowers,  and   vegetables.   Horns
of  plenty  are  also  very  popular.


                                                                Its    time
for  hanging  stockings,
                                                                Its    time
for  riding  sleighs,
                                                                Its    time
for  jolly  greeting,
                                                                 Snow    and
holly  overeating,
Christmas!  Merry  Christmas!
                                                                 Its    the
best  of  holidays.
    Christmas  is  a  Christian   holiday   commemorating   the   birth   of
Jesus  Christ.  Americans  celebrate  Christmas  on  December  the   25th  .
It  is  usually  a  one  day  official  holiday,  but   it   is   proceeded
and  followed  by  festive  parties.  By  this  day  people   decorate   fir
- trees  with  toys  and  candies.  Children  wait  for  Santa   Claus   who
comes  to  every  house  and  brings  them   presents.   Before   going   to
bed,  children  leave  their  shoes  to  find  in  them   what   they   want
most  of  all  the  next  morning.
    Decorating  the   house   with   holly,   ivy   and   mistletoe   is   a
custom,  which  comes  from  England.  Ivy  means  immortality.  Holly is  a
bush   with   shiny   red    berries    and    glossy    leaves    with    a
characteristic  shape  and  sharp   pointy   edges.   Because   it   remains
green  throughout  the  year  it  was  believed  to  hold  a  promise   that
 the  sun  would  return.  Holly'   berries   symbolize   Christs   blood.
Mistletoe  is  an  interesting  green  parasitic  plant   which   grows   in
globe  like  formations  high  up   in   the   branches   of   oak   trees.
Springs  of  it  are  tied  together   with   ribbons   and   hung   up   in
doorways.  By  custom  anyone  standing  under   the   mistletoe   gets   to
be  kissed.
    Christmas  is   a   family   holiday.   Schools   and   colleges   close
between  Christmas  and  New  Years  Day.   People   stay   at   home   and
spend  the  time  with  their  families.  Everybody  tries  to   come   home
for  Christmas.  People  send  cards  or  Christmas  greetings   to   family
and  friends   away   from   home.   All   the   members   of   the   family
exchange  gifts.  It  is  a  merry  holiday.

Some  holidays  in  America  have  their  own  symbols.  Here  they  are:

1.     Presidents      Day                                               6.
   Independence  Day
2.  Columbus    Day                                              7.     New
   Years  Day
3. St.  Patricks  Day                                         8.    Martin
   Luther  Kings  day
4.    Easter                                                             9.
5. Valentines  Day                                          10.  Halloween
And   there   are   festival   post   cards   for   every   holiday,   which
American  people   give   the    friends    and    relatives    when    they
congratulate  each  other.  Here  are  some  postcards  for  some  parties:

Such   are   the  US  holidays.  A  holiday  has  simply  become,  for  most
Americans,  a  day  off  from   work.   No   matter   what   the   holidays
origin  is, they  all  seem to be the same thing, though some (for  example,
Thanksgiving,  Christmas,  Halloween)  retain  some  individuality.

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