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Kazakhstan Kazakhstan

                         KAZAKHSTAN, ASTANA, ALMATY.

      It is situated both in Asia and in Europe. The territory  of  its  as
largest as the territories of Italy,  Spain,  France,  Portugal  and  Greece
taken together. Kazakhstan borders on Kirgizia, Uzbikistan, Turkministan  in
the south, China in the east and Russia in the north. There  are  a  lot  of
hills, mountains on its territory. The greatest  of  them  are  the  Alatow,
Tian-Shian mountains, besides there are long rivers in my country. The  main
rivers are the Ural, the Irtysh, the Tobol, the Syrdaria. The  Kaspian  sea,
the largest lake in the world is situated in my country  too.  Besides  this
famous lake there are such lakes as the Balhash, the  Issyck-Kul.  The  Aral
sea is situated in  Kazakhstan  too.  Some  years  ago,  is  was  large  and
beatiful, and nowadays the government of Kazakhstan suffers about  the  Aral
seas future. Many people, hearing about  Kazakhstan,  think  about  steppes
and villages, but its not true. I think, our president is to  do  something
for glory of our country, cause some people dont  know,  where  my  country
is, its bad. In the north of Kazakhstan, winters are very cold and  summers
are very hot, and there are more rains in the north and east of  Kazakhstan,
but in the south there almost no rains. Kazakhstan has coal, oil, gas,  gold
and other minerals, which now are richening. Coal industry is  developed  in
Mangyshlack.  Chemical  industry  is  highly  developed  in  Tshymkent   and
Karaganda. Agriculture is also developed in my country.  Fruits,  vegetables
are grown here. Cattle farming and sheep farming  are  very  important  here
too. The population of Kazakhstan more than 16 million  people.  My  country
is a multinational state. More than one  hundred  nationalities  live  here.
Kazakhstan is an independent state,  it  got  its  independence  on  16  of
December in 1995 year. Its new constitution was adopted in 1993 on 28th  of
January. The first  president  of  our  state  is  Nazarbaev.  The  flag  of
Kazakhstan consists of 2 color: yellow and blue. There is an  eagle  in  the
center and kazakh ornament in the left.  The  eagle  flyes  under  the  sun,
which mean the freedom of country. The capitol of our country is Astana,  it
became a capitol in 1998, after Almaty.  Almaty  is  a  city  of  a  million
people, a big administrative economic and cultural  center  of  my  country.
One can observe the entire city from the top of the hill Zailiiskiy  Alatay.
Almaty is known  for  highly  developed  engineering,  metal-working,  wood-
working, light, food and printing industries. Machines made  at  the  Almaty
Heavy Machine Building plant are supplied to scores  of  foreign  countries.
Almaty today is a city of  higher  schools  and  research  institutes.  Over
100000 young people attend the higher  and  secondary  specialized  schools.
Rich is the cultural life of the city. The theatre has become  an  important
part of the citys life. Every night there go on the lights of the  national
opera, the Kazakh  and  Russian  dramas,  the  Korean,  the  Young  audience
Theatre, the Concert halls get crowded. The biggest book depository here  is
the Pushkin library. Almaty is a garden city: the city  especially  nice  in
spring when everything is in blossom. The evening cool  of  the  summer  and
the mountain breeze invite you for a walk about the streets, boulevards  and
square of the city. Autumn is beautiful with  golden  leaves  and  aroma  of
Apart apples. Winter in the city, though not lasting, but frosty  and  snowy
is beautiful too. Practically every Almaty teenager goes skating and  skiing
at this season of the  year,  the  high  attitude  Medeu  skating-ring  is
admirable the whole year round. This sports complex is known  all  over  the
world. It meets it guests with  warm  and  sun,  presents  them  with  happy
laughter of children. It grows better year by year. And  now  about  Astana:
Astana is the capitol of Kazakhstan.  First,  it  called  Tselinograd,  then
Akmola and now Astana, cause Astana means  capitol  in  Kazakh.  It  is  the
center of Akmola region. It was founded as Tselinograd in 1960s. Now  Astana
is a great administrative industrial and scientific center. It  is  the  sit
of  the  parliament  government  and  the  president  of  our  country.  The
population of the city is more than 277.000 people. Since Astana has  become
the capitol of the country mane new multistoried  buildings  are  constantly
appear here. I didnt visit Astana, but  I  want,  cause  people  say,  that
after becoming a capitol it became a great city. Other largest  cities  are:
Aktobe, Karaganda, Semipolatinsk. Kazakhstan is country, where  I  was  born
and I live here for the length of my life.  We  are  proud  of  our  country
believe in its future.

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